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Verify, Meet, Sign, Witness, Record, and Audit with Videosign

Videosign’s unique combination of online video meetings, secure digital signing, innovative and friction free ID&V, and robust compliance features help you to close more business and offer a better customer experience while saving time, and money

Why Videosign?

Humanise digital experiences and make your customers happier.

Give your customers the option to meet remotely and do business with you without impersonal, frustrating and long-winded digital or physical processes.

Let your team guide your customers through application forms, contracts and documents collaboratively, face-to-face and with the personal touch.

A Better Digital Experience

Make process friction a thing of the past...

Videosign replaces painful digital processes that cause your customers to walk away from potential sales opportunities. Videosign reduces deal abandonment and helps you win more business.

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Benefits of using

  • Close Deals Faster

    Seize the moment in meetings and get agreements signed there and then. With VideoSign, you can forget about buyer’s remorse and waiting for contracts to be returned, getting deals closed and revenue in sooner.

  • Reduce Deal Abandonment

    Friction in a business transaction is the enemy of closure. Across industries globally, friction causes consumers to abandon transactions, even where the transaction may appear to be of high value for the consumer. Enable a seamless, simple and effortless experience with VideoSign.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Make doing business with you effortless. Remove barriers to getting business done, simplify customer journeys and enable a convenient, anytime-anywhere solution for your customers.

  • Enhance Compliance

    VideoSign™ Proof of Signature is our unique eSignature compliance tool: automatically capture video recordings during the signing process. With evidential video recordings, you can evidence identity, understanding, acceptance and intent in cases where agreements are challenged.


VideoSign Features

  • VideoSign™ Proof of Signature

    Validate digital signatures with evidential video recordings and detailed audit records of signing events. With VideoSign™ Proof of Signature, you see who signs and you can capture intent and understanding to prevent agreements being challenged at a later date.

  • Any Device, Anywhere

    VideoSign works directly from your web browser, with no downloads required to join a meeting and sign documents. We work on any device and across all major browsers – so as long as you’ve got an internet connection, you’re in.

  • Effortless Digital Meetings

    Easily invite participants to join meetings, collaborate in real-time and sign documents with no additional software and no downloads. All you need is a device with an internet connection, a camera and a microphone.

  • Powerful Compliance Features

    Every signature captured is accompanied by a video recording and a full, detailed audit record attached securely to your signed document – helping you deter and reduce fraud and misrepresentation. Our video recordings are evidential and can be used in courts (may vary by jurisdiction) as evidence in litigation cases.

  • Easy Customer Collaboration

    Share and review documents with your customers in real-time and store recordings of your meetings for reference. VideoSign uses bank-grade encryption to secure the transmission of video and documents in meetings so you can rest assured that your documentation and communications are private.

  • Brand VideoSign Your Way

    VideoSign is fully customisable with your brand and colours, custom notifications, pluggable storage and multi-language capabilities.

Building a Better Digital Customer Experience for Our Clients' Clients

VideoSign is a leader in digitising human communications, helping organisations collaborate with and advise their clients remotely and conveniently. We reposition the human at the centre of digital customer relationships.

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Partner - AON

"Aon’s partnership with solutions such as VideoSign represent an important part of our ‘Client First’ philosophy and our commitment to empowering results for Aon advisers."

Client - Hesta

More than 880,000 Australians trust HESTA with their money and HESTA trusts VideoSign to support their face-to-face digital communications with those clients.

Partner - iress

VideoSign's direct integration with XPLAN empowers wealth and investment managers across the world to engage with their clients quickly, conveniently and in person, regardless of location.

Partner - YTML

Seido from YTML is an innovative, free-to-use CRM for wealth and investment managers. We're proud to be a part of their integrations marketplace.

Client - Abernethy Partners

"VideoSign speeds up our interactions on documents and enables us to accelerate the life-cycle of documents. Our clients love it."

Partner - Oracle

Our partnership with Oracle ensures that our customers can rely on VideoSign to power customer engagement and close more business.

Client - NZFS

"We have improved not only client satisfaction, but the productivity of our own business. VideoSign’s tools enable our business to move ahead more quickly with transactions and clients appreciate this efficiency and personal contact."

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1. Greet

High definition video & audio provides an ‘in-person’ virtual meeting environment

2. Inform

Share, present and review documents with real-time collaboration between all participants

3. Engage

Communicate with your customers face-to-face to build real human relationships

4. Sign

Our easy to use digital signing tool gives you the ability to get agreement and close business in your meeting

5. Share

Store, access and share your signed documents and video recordings from within the VideoSign meeting room

6. Prove

Get a full audit record with extensive data for each signing event

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