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Financial Advice

Verify Identities

Use facial recognition and biometrics to identify your clients, either during client onboarding or prior to a meeting/contract signoff. You can also conduct AML (Anti Money Laundering) searches within this identity verification process to ensure you are dealing with the correct person, and that you are able to meet regulatory guidelines on who you do business with.

Meet Face to Face, Online

Keep that personal touch with our video conference meeting room, where you can take advantage of device agnostic, Cloud based software to meet with customers and sign those important documents. Clients are more comfortable discussing their portfolios and investments directly, and face-to-face with their trusted adviser - Videosign allows you to maintain that all important, personalised relationship, even when working remotely.

Store Documents in Secure Cloud Storage

All of your client's important documents held in one secure, encrypted zone where your clients can get access to their current and historical documentation. Alternatively, you can automatically store yours and your clients documents and videos in your own infrastructure via integration.


Videosign satisfies GDPR and data protection to ensure robust compliance for your clients and their sensitive documentation by providing secure audit trails, time stamped recordings and tamper-proof finalised documents.

Finalise Documents

Tamper-proof final documents -once a document is finalised, it is securely protected with a digital certificate to prevent further editing.

Speed Up Contract Completion

Reduce operating costs and time per client by signing contracts online - share, collaborate, record and audit documentation securely and electronically with Videosign.