Housing Associations

Speed Up Contract Completion

No need to send important documents and evidence through the post. Sending documents through the post can delay applications, incur unnecessary cost, and even affect the successful outcome of service-level agreements. Share, collaborate, record and audit documentation securely and electronically with Videosign.


Provide robust evidence of compliance, by tracking how a signature is captured, how it can be proven that the signature was placed by the intended signee, what advice was given throughout the course of the transaction, how the signature event is witnessed, and how such witnessing and intent is evidenced. A perfect solution for housing association business, conveyancing, client-facing services and internal governance

Verify Identities

Spend less time verifying potential customers and more time focussed on the onboarding process. Identity and verification checks can be completed within seconds ahead of signing Tenant agreements, or Shared ownership arrangements. Videosign uses enhanced facial recognition and biometrics for document validity, speeding up your onboarding processes.


Respond faster to client engagement by offering information access to services via remote face-to-face meetings, and signing agreements all in the same online place

Finalise Documents

Tamper-proof final documents -once a document is finalised, it is securely protected with a digital certificate to prevent further editing

Store Documents in Secure Cloud Storage

Easily accessible and virtually secure. Store an unlimited amount of documents in an encrypted Cloud environment to reduce overheads and manage records during the full life cycle of your clients- from the on boarding /off boarding process, signing of Tenancy agreements, legal engagements, Asset and Inventory forms and all internal governance and regulations fulfilments.

Meet Face to Face, Online

Tenancy agreements can now be entirely contactless, allowing tenants to find all documents in one place online, to walk through those documents with an adviser remotely face-to-face, and sign in real time with all the evidence of video e-witness. Verify, meet and sign; an all-in-one combined solution - a secure, virtual meeting room where you can interview tenants or buyers, run through the onboarding process, and edit documents in real time with your clients. Complete form-filling and legally binding agreements quickly and easily without time consuming, lengthy paper processes. Working completely within a browser, with no need to download or install any additional software