Verify Identities

Onboard new policyholders quickly and efficiently with Videosign Verify. No need for your clients to send passports or other important documents through the post, or even scan them. Avoid deal abandonment by verifying new business at the point of first contact


Never be caught short when a client or policyholder claims to have been missold a product. With Videosign, you will always have a video record of any advice given and of any documents signed. This protects you and your client and gives peace of mind that there is transparancy in everything that is discussed

Meet Face to Face, Online

Keep that personal touch with our video conference meeting room, where you can take advantage of device agnostic, Cloud based software to meet with customers, agree, and sign those important policy documents. Clients are more comfortable discussing their policies and claims directly, and face-to-face with their trusted adviser - Videosign allows you to maintain that all important, personalised relationship, even when working remotely

Speed Up Contract Completion

No need to send important documents and evidence through the post. Sending documents through the post can delay claims, incur unnecessary cost, and even affect the outcome of claims and result in faraud as key evidence can be lost or fall into the wrong hands. Share, collaborate, record and audit documentation securely and electronically with Videosign

Store Documents in Secure Cloud Storage

All of your client's important documents held in one secure, encrypted zone

Finalise Documents

Tamper-proof final documents -once a document is finalised, it is securely protected with a digital certificate to prevent further editing