Legal Services

Speed Up Contract Completion

Your day to day business does not need to stop, just because your customers are working remotely or shielding at home. Videosign can enhance your business support package during the Covid-19 pandemic by allowing your customers to immediately meet with advisors face-to-face in an environment that works for them, providing the tools to offer a purely digital experience of remote signing and witnessing of documentation.


Provide robust evidence of compliance, by tracking how a signature is captured, how it can be proven that the signature was placed by the intended signee, what advice was given throughout the course of the transaction, how the signature event is witnessed, and how such witnessing and intent is evidenced

Verify Identities

Videosign removes lengthy background checks, allows instant remote, compliant verification, and reduces operational processes to allow you to spend more time doing business

Meet Face to Face, Online

Get ahead of your competitors by offering a meeting space where your customers can collaborate and transact from the comfort of their own homes, with time stamped recordings and legally admissible documentation stored in a encrypted environment

Finalise Documents

Tamper-proof final documents -once a document is finalised, it is securely protected with a digital certificate to prevent further editing

Store Documents in Secure Cloud Storage

Easily accessible and virtually secure. Store an unlimited amount of documents in an encrypted Cloud environment